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Special Housing | Bene Civitas
Special Housing

Special Housing

Bene Civitas Ltd is a not-for-profit charity focused on building supportive gated village communities for adult children with a disability and their parents, to live together in a place they can call home.

We are committed to providing long term continued support for adult children living with a disability to enable them to live in a safe environment on an ongoing basis even after their parents are no longer able to continue to care for them at home.

?What happens to my child when I die??

For parents of children with disabilities, the question of ?What happens to my child when I die?? is a confronting yet important one.

Bene Civitas ensures parents that their adult child with a disability can be cared for when their parents die or can no longer take care of them.

Our special housing aims to bring families together to build lasting relationships between neighbouring parents, and their children.

These communities give parents the comfort of knowing their child will have a stable and consistent home environment once they are no longer able to.

How it works

Bene Civitas provides special housing by building homes for families who have a child with disability. These homes are specially designed to bring neighbouring families closer together and ensure that they are able to build relationships and a sense of community.  

These families sign lifelong, affordable leases to ensure that children with disabilities have access to housing once their parents pass.