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FAQ | Bene Civitas

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are BENE CIVITAS Communities located?

Our locations are currently within Victoria and are to be built on an area-specific demand basis, contact BENE CIVITAS to find out more

Do Residents purchase their Residence?

BENE CIVITAS will always own the whole of the property and will provide a Life Lease to all Family Members for the protection of their ongoing interest in the property.

What type of accommodation is available?

BENE CIVITAS has 2 bedroom homes, 2 bedroom and study, 4 bedroom homes and up to 5 bedrooms and a study, each home is fitted with non- skid bathroom floors, doorways to accommodate wheel chairs, lifting equipment can be fitted to the master bedroom

Is it a gated community?

The Residents will have a gated community, unless the residents specifically agree that a gated community is not a requirement

Are meals provided?

Meals can be provided by arrangement, at the cost of the Resident

Are there any places outside of the residence that can be used for socialising?

There are gardens within the community with seating and a community house which can be used by all Residents and their guests for social activities. We ask that in the event of a function that the community house or the garden area be booked in advance

A communal workshop will be available to those Residents who are able to use the facility

What involvement does BENE CIVITAS have with the NDIS/NDIA?

Your relationship with NDIS is directly between you and the NDIS, BENE CIVITAS will take over your role when you can no longer do it

How do we secure a Residence?

Contact BENE CIVITAS by email or telephone

Is there ?on site? management?

The community has a full time, live in manager whose role it is to provide assistance and guidance for the residents, all visitors will be required to report to the manager before entry

How will the community work together?

Within a short space of time, Residents will get to know each other and support each other, developing lasting friendships based on common needs and experience

Will there be regular home cleaning

Generally, local council will provide this service, in the event that cleaning services are not available, Bene Civitas will make arrangements for regular cleaning at the expense of the Resident

What transport will be available?

BENE CIVITAS will provide a minibus for Residents outings, such as trips to the shopping precinct, sightseeing etc

What if the parents wish to purchase a life lease for the exclusive use of their disabled child?

On occasions, parents may wish to have their adult child accommodated singly or with a friend without the balance of the family, we are able to provide accommodation in these circumstances and would welcome a private discussion on this or any other variation


24 Pasley Street.
Sunbury, VIC 3429

PO Box 1000
Sunbury, VIC

Let's Have A Talk

Call: 1300 770 144
Email: support@benecivitas.org.au

Working Hours

Mon ? Fri: 9:00 AM ? 6:00 PM
Sat: 10:00 AM ? 5:00 PM

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