About Bene Civitas Ltd

Just imagine for a moment that you are a person with a disability, you are in your late 40’s,
and you live with your aging parents.

Your parents are extremely close to you and have provided for you all your life; continuously gone to bat for you when you needed to deal with the health system yet again; been there for you when you have progressed through the education system; helped and encouraged you to make friends and be a part of the community; comforted you when you were sad or had not been treated well; made sure that you were always well-fed, enjoyed your favourite food and never went hungry; took you shopping and arranged the alterations for clothes that did not fit right off the hook; invited your friends over for birthdays, celebrated at Christmas and dealt with the myriad of government forms that need to be completed – and that’s just for a start!

Your caring parents are now in their eighties, and suddenly they die two weeks apart.

Your world is now in turmoil; there are people that you have never met or can’t remember coming into your life; you are moved away from your family home, away from your friends in the community, away from everything that is familiar to you including your pet dog. Your relatives sell your family home.

You have no other family who is prepared to look after you right now, and after living in three lots of temporary accommodation for twelve months, you are moved into an elderly 
residential care home where you have nothing in common with the residents, and some are even scared by your very presence.

After losing your parents and your home, you have now lost your friends, your community, your possessions, everything that is dear to you is gone.

There is no-one to really look after you, and you are starting a new uncertain life, and now you are scared!

BENE CIVITAS is there for a reason

We create communities. Communities where families can live with their adult child living with a disability. A community where, if the parents should die or can no longer look after them, they will remain in their own community with their friends, where they will always have a home, where there will always be someone to look after and protect them.

BENE CIVITAS cannot do it without your support, by supporting BENE CIVITAS you are helping those who need it most.


Our Directors are people who are no different to you, who in this case most are Directors of other companies. Our Directors skills include computer tech, marketing, sales, real estate, sustainable management, property investment, business consulting, migration, hands on disability caring and a variety of other skills. Our Directors, more importantly have a common focus and that is to help others who have a greater need, in this specific case, to help families who have a member with a disability. To provide certainty to the parents of an adult child in the event of their death or simply because they can no longer look after their adult child living with a disability.

All too often, families with members who live with a disability receive little or no help from other family members. Friends are generally other people who have children with a disability, the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together”, is certainly true.

It is not easy bringing up any child, when disability is a major factor it complicates your whole life.

From very early on questionnaires ask you to describe the “disability”, how it was acquired and when the recovery is expected to take place. Twenty years on and you are still asked the same questions. Forty years on and you are still asked the same questions. Sixty years on and you are still asked the same questions

We are concerned as to who will answer the questions when you can’t.

We are putting our charity forward to take on your role when you can no longer do it.
We are putting our charity forward to provide community for your loved ones when you can’t.

We believe that setting up an environment that is caring and supportive, that will be there for the lifetime of your adult child and for that matter, for you, is the solution to the vexed question.

This is what Bene Civitas is about, Bene Civitas cares about you and Bene Civitas cares about your family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I donate?

To donate directly to the charity please contact support@benecivitas.org.au

Or you can donate here.

Thank you for your help!

How can I help your organisation?

If you would like to help provide sponsorship, donations, or funding for Bene Civitas disability projects or events please feel free to contact us on support@benecivitas.org.au

Thank you for your help!

I want to help the disabled too! How can I join you?

We are always looking for amazing people to help us and support Bene Civitas.

If you feel that you are able to contribute your time to help such a worthwhile cause please contact us on  support@benecivitas.org.au

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