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Bene Civitas

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Affordable Homes Victoria

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Affordable Housing for all Australian families including for those with adult children living with a disability”

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How can we all help?

One size does not fit all when it comes to assistance in Special Housing, the best thing we can do right now is to Join CLUB CIVITAS

Who are we?

Affordable Homes
Bene Civitas is a not-for-profit charity building affordable housing for people looking to purchase their home in the future. We look to bridge the gap between community housing and the private housing market.

Special Housing
Bene Civitas is a not-for-profit charity building supportive village communities for adult children with a disability and their parents to live together and call home in a safe, independent, long-term home for both parents and their children.

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Special Housing Melbourne

Special Housing

Affordable Homes

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In a few words...

Parents of disabled children, no matter what age, are critically concerned about what happens their disabled child when they die or can no longer look after them.

Bene Civitas is the answer.